Sports Apparel and Child Labor Laws Overseas

Ever since 60 Minutes did a television program all on the apparel industry and the textile sub-sector citing the sweatshops in various cities in the United States, people have been very concerned with human rights abuses from employers. Of course what we had seen in Los Angeles in the sweatshops is nothing compared to what happens in China.

In fact many people are worried about child labor laws overseas and those low cost goods coming to the United States and in essence the middle class buying consumer in America is promoting more sweatshops. Can you see the problem here?

Next, we have to ask ourselves if their children playing on the local soccer team, Little League or high school track team are indeed wearing uniforms that were made by children being abused as cheap labor.

This is rather disconcerting because on one hand we are trying to teach children hard work ethic and to practice and learn teamwork by playing sports when in fact they are wearing uniforms that are made using disgusting labor practices, which violate human rights and child labor laws overseas.

Sports Apparel for High School Varsity Volleyball

Many athletes will be surprised to know that the sports apparel worn is also categorized as part of the equipment. This is because the outfit used plays a significant factor in making the player perform well in the game.

For example, those who are members of the high school varsity volleyball team need to have the proper gear during practice and competition.

There are three things that make up the sports apparel for those in the high school varsity volleyball team. These are clothing, shoes and protective gear.

Wearing a shirt that has a collar or not and one with sleeves or not will really depend on the players. The important thing is that this will not restrict movement when making those serves or going for the kill.

The same thing goes for the shorts. It is recommended to wear low rise ones instead of those that are long because it can only serve as a distraction to the player. These should be to absorb sweat easily so it is comfortable to use throughout practice or in the game.

The school can look for a supplier who can make this or just buy a set from the sporting goods store. This must always have the school colors in order to make it stand out among other teams who are also participating in the league.

Protective gear is needed to prevent injuries when going for a save on the hard floor. Wearing knee and elbow pads can do this as well as using palm guards to absorb the impact of the ball and from falls.

Wearing long socks until the knees can also prevent scratches that may leave a permanent mark on the skin.

The last thing the player needs for this sport is the right footwear. The shoes the person uses to go running is different for volleyball so it is best to ask the sales clerk for help when picking one from the store.

Most high schools have a budget for the team so everyone can head out into the store and choose the right model together then just get the correct sizes for everyone to use.

Accessories such as the sports bag, towel and water bottle may also be ordered from the supplier. All of these should be able to create unity and camaraderie among the players that can help achieve victory.

I want that NCAA Sports Apparel

High school is fun but most people consider college as the years where they had the most fun. It is during those four years, or more for some, when they had the most trouble but at the same time learned the greatest life lessons from those troubles. The colleges go through so much in order to give the best for their students.

Those who run colleges know that they have work at giving the best quality when it comes to everything student related because college is a turning point for the youth. It is a time when they will discover what they really want in life and it is also a time of building long lasting relationships.

These relationships are formed in the classroom, organizations and sports teams. The little cliques formed forged a bond that can be everything to a student. These groups may fight against each other and yes these fights can get worst but there will be those times when everyone is brought together for one day or for one night.

Those days or nights are game days or game nights. More than academic contests and other competitions, sports is what usually unites an academic institution like college. For one there are a lot of schools who offer sports scholarships so usually these sports stars serve as inspiration to the rest of the student population. Thus watching them play and give glory to the school enforces that belief that yes, dreams do come true.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the association that is in charge of the different sports activities of the colleges of America. Basketball is probably one of the more popular sports that they organize. Most NCAA stars go on to become big stars in the National Basketball Association (NBA). To show support for your NCAA teams, fans come in any NCAA sports apparel.

It can be a jacket, hats or caps. A normal way to go about it is to wear a school shirt but some avid fans go as far as wearing a replica jersey of their favorite players. All of these in the name of school spirit. In the end, the winner gets the bragging rights so it will come as no surprise if even the most apathetic of all the students will go out of the way to take part in all the hoopla just for a day or a night.

Printed T-Shirts for High School Fundraisers

School fundraisers can be a wonderful way to inject some extra cash into the activities of the school while also getting students to be actively engaged in the operations of the school. One of the most popular ways to raise funds for school activities that is known to accomplish very positive results is the sells of clothing. With printed t-shirts you actually achieve a dual purpose of generating funds for school activities while at the same time restoring a sense of pride in the school.

High school students will always feel proud to wear t-shirts that have the name of their school on them. This is because in supporting their school’s endeavors, they will have a sense of pride and obligation in being part of a process that advances the pride of a community and encourages the spirit of fundraising. By selling these t-shirts local high schools will find the exercise beneficial because this goes a long way in not only helping the school but also in building the character of the students.

T-shirts are sold in high schools to raise funds for sports and academic programs, or for any other school activities because tight budget cuts have made funds available to school programs much lesser. Such funds when raised can be used to supplement any of the activities that are held at the school and also to fund other school ongoing programs. Because printed t-shirts for high school fundraisers are used for a worthwhile cause, many people are always willing to take part and purchase the apparel.

In choosing the t-shirts to use for high school fundraisers, it is important to look for a t-shirt that is relevant to the fundraiser and also to have an analysis of your target audience or the people who will purchase the t-shirts. High school students will prefer trendy t-shirts that can be available in many bright colors. T-shirts can be produced cheaply but must remain to be quality so that they will be able to fetch a good amount of money that will go towards the fundraiser. Most students in high school like to put on t-shirts and this is the reason why a printer t-shirt would be a wonderful apparel for a high school fundraiser.

If printed t-shirts must be used for high school fundraisers the must be quality enough to be able to generate sales. Nobody wants to buy anything that is of superior quality regardless of whether the money is being used for a worthy cause or not. It is important to find t-shirt designers who can create a product that is well designed and of high quality. The t-shirt must also be an attractive and engaging product that will be liked by the target audience and must also identify with them. Anyone will willingly pay for something that they feel is worthy and beneficial.

There are two alternatives that can be considered when you are looking to use t-shirts for fundraisers. You can either make a whole order for the t-shirts or you can get them in individual orders. Any high school student will be very proud to put on a t-shirt that will bring assistance to the school in any way whatsoever. The printing of a t-shirt for high school fundraising does not cost so much and can be done in a fashionable and enjoyable manner to achieve great results. You high school certainly deserves the best and this can be done in a fun way.

High School Senior Portraits: Suggestions

With Senior session upon us, I thought I would take the time to let the Seniors in on things they should bring and consider for their portrait session. First I’ll cover the girls as they tend to care a little bit more about how their portraits turn out. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a boy say “I’m only here cause mom made me come”. I’ve never once heard that from a senior girl.


Clothing – First and foremost, you can never bring too many changes of clothes. You may not get to wear them all, but more options is always better than fewer options. I always tell my clients to bring 1 formal (think prom dress or evening gown), 4-6 casual outfits, and 2-3 “going out” outfits (this is what you would were to a dance club). Try to avoid patterns, plaids, large print (except school related items), and horizontal stripes (vertical stripes are thinning as long as they are not too obnoxious). Bright solid colors usually photograph very well. Try to bring outfits for the season you are being photographed in. If Spring, bring Spring colored outfits. If Autumn, bring more Autumn toned outfits. Make sure to bring shoes to match all outfits. Accessories with scarves, purses, jewelry, hats, sunglassses, etc. Make sure your under garments are the same tones as your clothing. Black bra’s will show up through a white top. Same for the bottoms. If you bring a spaghetti strap shirt or strapless top, make sure you have a bra to go with it. If you want to wear something a little sexier, make sure Mom/Dad approves it beforehand. If you bring a short dress or skirt, make sure to bring a pair or spandex or cheer shorts to go under it. Iron the outfits the night before and avoid folding them.


Hair – Avoid getting a new haircut the day before. If you want to try a new haircut, do it 1 week beforehand so you can figure out if you like it and how to fix it. Bring any items that will quickly allow you to change your hair style.

Nails- avoid getting your nails done right before the session, typically you should do this the day before. Nails and fingers will show so make sure you think about them while getting ready. Clean properly groomed nails will make a big difference in your portraits. All this applies to toenails as well.

Makeup- Apply a “little”(don’t overdo it) more makeup than normal…kind of like you were going to a formal event. Make sure mascara is clean and free of clumps. Extra mascara will make your eyes stand out more. Don’t worry about the random pimple or small break out as these are easy to fix in post-production. Try to bring some translucent powder.

Avoid Tanningfor at least a week before your session. Burned or peeling skin is not flattering. Avoid having tan lines that will show with your outfits.

Glasses- Buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.


Clothing – Try to bring at least 1 nice button up shirt, 2-3 collared shirts, 2-3 casual shirts (T-shirt), comfortable fitting pants and shorts. 2 pair of shoes. Iron any outfit that needs ironing. Bring a belt that matches your outfits. Try to avoid patterns, plaids, words, and horizontal strips. Bright solid colors are great. If you want any black and white portraits, make sure to bring a dark colored outfit. Bring hats if you typically wear them.

Grooming – Depending on how fast you get the 5:00 shadow…Shave the night before. If you quickly get stubble shave about 3 hours before the session to avoid red irritated skin.

Make sure to clean and groom your finger nails

Avoid getting a haircut the morning of your session. Haircuts should be gotten the day before your session and new hair styles should be gotten at least 1 week before your session to allow enough time to figure out how to style it.

Avoid Tanning for at least a week before your session. Burned or peeling skin is not flattering.

Glasses – Buy or borrow a pair of non-glare glasses or frames without the glass.

Things to keep in mind…light colors, tight fitting, and horizontal lines make you appear heavier than you are. If you don’t like your arms, don’t bring sleeveless/tank top shirts. Darker colors, looser fitting, and vertical lines are slimming in portraits.

Fashions come and go so avoid bringing too many “fashion trendy” outfits as you probably won’t like them in 1-2 years.

Bring your own props. Class rings, musical equipment, books, flowers, balloons, sports equipment/apparel, iPod, glasses, shoes…items that make you….you.

Bring a friend. Friends bring a level of comfort and relaxation to you and that’s what we’re going for during your session. That person will also know if you are looking and acting like yourself, which is important.

Get all your outfits and accessories picked out and packed the night before to avoid any stress the morning of.

Tips for School Uniform Design

Designing attractive school uniforms is as much an art as it is a science, and when approaching the uniform design process in this holistic approach we ensure that the end product, “the school uniform”, ends up meeting and exceeding all expectations.

When designing a school uniform there are few factors that need to be identified and decided upon, to ensure that the school uniform meets client expectations, these include:

– choose your material

– choose the style

– logo placement

– artwork

1. Choose Your Material

The first important factor that needs to be determined is the selection of appropriate material for the uniform, two important factors are price and quality. The two most popular materials in typical uniform design, are cotton and polyester, with hybrid cotton/polyester also being a popular third option.

Cotton is generally renowned for its comfort, skin sensitivity, smooth feel, long history in the apparel industry and popularity amongst concerned parents. However it is not as long-lasting as polyester, requires more care when washing, is generally a heavier material than polyester and has added concerns with environmental processes expended to produce it.

Polyester is renown for being exceptionally durable, is more resistant to the elements (hence its popularity in sports apparel), lighter than most apparel materials, and cheaper and easier to produce. However polyester is often regarded as being uncomfortable, due to chaffing and rashes in sensitive skinned people.

Hybrid blends of cotton and polyester are arguably the best material option, however these blends often cost more to produce, so again you must accurately gauge your school’s uniform shop funding and capital.

2. Choose the Style

Once you have come to a decision of the material the next logical step is to determine what style or cut your base school uniform will be shaped to. It is important to understand your school for this stage, if for example you are a private christian school, you may require long sleeve button up shirts with collars and pockets. On the other hand if your school is a government public school the uniform policy may require you to have polo shirts instead. It is vital to consult your school’s uniform policy and if your school does not have one it may be time to consider drafting one, as it will help improve your school’s credibility to the parents of the children.

The categories of styles here can be viewed as Formal and Non-Formal.

– Formal: long sleeve shirts, blazers, traditional skirts, ties, vests, pants, black shoes, wide brimmed hats

– Non-Formal: polo shirts, t shirts, plain pants, caps,

There are many sub-styles relating to the base styles outlined above, however this article will not go in-depth, typically companies have pre-made styles they get from suppliers or styles they manufacture themselves.

3. Logo Placement

Once you have decided on the material and style, its time to consider how to attach your school logo to the uniform. Before you decide where you are going to place the logo, it is important to source a high quality image of the logo, this will help you later down the track when it comes to eventual printing or embroidery of the logo. Typically the image needs to be 300dpi quality, typically in vector, PDF or JPEG format.

Where to place the logo?

– right hand breast

– left hand breast

– sleeves (left & right)

– underneath collar

It is recommended generally that the logo be placed on the right or left hand breast of the front of the shirt as this is the most professional looking place. Depending on your school specialty though, you may find a more abstract location to better reflect your specialty (art specialist schools would be ideal candidates).

How to attach the logo?

There is a few methods for attaching logo including using threads with embroidery, using vinyl with screen printing, or dye sublimation. I would highly recommend using embroidery for the normal school uniforms, however screen printing and dye sublimation are good methods for sporting uniforms as they are generally cheaper and carry less weight.

4. Artwork

So you have sourced your materials, the style and attached the logo in the appropriate place on your school uniform, but its missing something, the cherry on top to make it perfect. If you find yourself in this position it is often a last piece of artwork that can help finish off your school uniform design.

Again it is very important here to understand your school, including the school values, school specialty (is it sports? is it the local community?), the school history and obviously the school colours. It is good to make a brainstorm of all the things that make the school tick, I would highly recommend also plotting the school colours and all the complimentary and contrast colours, to help you with additional artwork.

While creating designs it is good practice to match the design process with the eventual printing process, depending on your printing decision, whether it be screen printing, dye sublimation or embroidery. Typically screen printing and dye sublimation impose no barriers to artwork creativity, however designs that are to be embroidered or sewn on the uniform, can not have designs with sharp curves or right angles.


The key to designing, manufacturing and developing a school uniform is a fairly involved process, especially if you take pride in the end product and your own brand. It is important to maintain strong communication with your client to ensure that the material, the style, logo placement and artwork considerations meet their end product expectations.

Working to a plan like this helps with organisation of tasks, and ensures that you meet and exceed client expectations. I work to this formula when I receive uniform enquirers at my company, working with my customers to co-create a solution that leaves everyone happier.

Sports Apparel and Local Sports Teams Considered

If you sell sports apparel in your local community and town, one of the best things you can do is to sponsor a local sports team. You may want to sponsor a Little League team, a karate studio, a soccer team, or maybe a Pop Warner football team. This will give you insight to the needs of the teams in the leagues, and all the contacts with the coaches who have to order the uniforms.

It also makes sense to buy a backboard at the local high school for the baseball team and one that will go on the football field or alongside the running track. Further, it makes sense to take out a business card advertisement in the wrestling program, the baseball program, the football program and any other major sports programs that the booster clubs put out. It won’t cost much and put your name in front of everyone.

Indeed, I often also recommend when consulting sports apparel companies that it is important to understand exactly what the kids need and if you are sponsoring a team you can see where the uniforms wear out, and where the uniforms have material reinforcement needs, or those areas that need to be longer-lasting.

There is a big difference in sports apparel, there is a lot of junk that is brought over from the slow boat from China, and then there are real sports apparel companies, some of which have their garments also made in China, but under strict guidelines for quality. Sports Apparel companies should always consider being on the leading edge of design, while understanding their local markets if they are to stay in business. Please consider all this.